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 Welcome To Worldofnutritiononline!  We have owned and operated our Health Food Store for over 37 years.  It was time for us to branch out and here we are on the internet!  We want you have access to our vitamins and information no matter where you are!  We also offer various articles on various subjects and will be adding new information on a regular basis, so please keep checking in with us!  Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions that you may have!

TOLL FREE:  866-666-6863 


We have been having problems with people being able to purchase items online.  It's been quite time consuming trying to correct it all, so we've decided not to sell things online.  We still want you to be able to purchase items from our store so PLEASE call us and we'd be happy to ship anything, anywhere!  We have quite a few customers who are already doing this and it's working out quite nicely and we enjoy making new contacts!  Thank you for your patience and understanding!     Janet & Tabitha


Hi everyone!  We just wanted to let you know that our blog resides right here on our site.  We were hooked up to have you sign up for the blog and then you'd get an e-mail, but that system wasn't working like it should, so please check in periodically to our site and click on "Blog" at the bottom of the page and keep updated on our updates!  Thank you so much for visiting our site!

Janet & Tabitha

Thank you for considering us to be a resource for healthy living!  Please click on "NEWSLETTERS" down below and in addition to the newsletters, you'll have access to links to websites that we think are absolutely woth a look!

Please take time to read about Janet's Book, "You Better Not Cry".  You can access information about and exerpts from the book if you click on "NEWSLETTERS" down below.  The book can also be purchased, please call us Toll Free: 866-666-6863, to order your copy!

What's ailing you?  Our In House expert and pulitzer prize nominee Janet Barre' has had experience in dealing with common problems including, ADD/ADHD, ARTHRITIS, IBS, and more!  See our "NEWSLETTERS" for more and be sure to click on our "BLOG" down below for regularly updated health tips and shared experiences!

In addition to our own "World Of Nutrition" line of vitamins, we carry brands such as:  Nature's Plus, Kal, Solaray, Enzymatic Therapy, Solgar, Twinlab, Natural  Factors, Renew Life, and Nature's Way, just to mention a few!!!  Also, please ask about "Borlind".....face care products from Germany that we have sold and loved for decades!!!

Please Read About Our CNF!!!  We Don't Know Why It Works The Way It Does It Just Does!!!

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